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Traffic Law & personal injury Lawyer in Cameron

The Law Offices of Drew F. Davis has a team of experienced and compassionate individuals. When you need a lawyer or paralegal to help you through the legal process, our law firm is standing by ready to go. No matter your situation, chances are we can make it better.

traffic tickets

Traffic Tickets

After receiving a ticket for a traffic law violation, turn to us to help keep your record clear. Whether it’s a speeding ticket or a DWI charge, our law firm will do everything in our power to either lessen or completely drop charges made against our clients.

real estate law

Real Estate law

It’s never too soon to begin probate and estate planning if you have a property or fortune of some kind. Protect your heirs and family by getting ahead of the game now and saving them from extra stress later in life. The Law Offices of Drew F. Davis can help!

personal injury

personal injury

If you’ve been injured at the hands of a negligent person or business, we will ensure you get justice. For civil litigation issues, trust a law firm with experience and passion to seek justice on your behalf, whether it be monetary or some other form.

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If the services above aren’t enough to show you the wide spectrum of expertise we offer at the Law Offices of Drew F. Davis, we also offer assistance with domestic relations, collections, criminal defense, and corporate law. Give us a call to have the region’s most dedicated law firm on your side.

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